Summer Sun

We have had a scorching week in Southfields Grid. The sun is lovely, but can be lethal. If you have to go out in the sun you need to remember to protect yourself by wearing a hat, wearing light clothing and using sun cream.

It is also advisable to drink plenty of fluids too. In the surgery this week we saw some nasty cases of sunburn and heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion symptoms can include excessive sweating, a raging thirst, feeling dizzy, feeling sick or being sick, headaches and passing  less wee than usual If someone is suffering from heat exhaustion or sunburn  you should get them into the shade and remove any excess layers of clothing. Get them to drink fluids and cool down their skin with wet flannels and fanning. Most people can recover quite quickly from heat exhaustion and feel better within half an hour. If not then seek medical advice.

For a fantastic natural remedy for sunburn try, aloe vera gel. You can break off a fresh stalk from an aloe plant and apply the fresh juicy gel to the skin. If you don’t have the plant then aloe vera gel in a tube is a great alternative and available from good chemists or health food shops. It is a useful item to have in your first aid box or cupboard.  It is great for any type of burn. A few years ago I saw a lady who had nasty radiation burns to her chest following lung cancer radiotherapy treatment. I advised her to try some aloe vera gel and the burn rapidly healed . It is one of my travel essentials when I am out and about in hot weather and always in my first aid kit. Another cure from mother nature.

Enjoy the summer sun, but keep well in Southfields!

Dr Q.