Cycling For Health

Congratulations to Chris Froome on his amazing achievement winning the Tour de France again. I’ve been following the Tour with great interest and just spent some time in France supporting my better half in the amateur stage from St-Jean-de-Maurienne. It’s great to see cycling becoming so popular on the streets of London too.

Now, we don’t all have to be Chris Froome to get pedalling and keep fit. You might be a bit nervous about venturing on the roads or it might be some time since you did and you feel wobbly. Richmond Park and Wimbledon common are not to far away have cycling paths away from cars. In Richmond you can hire a bike and test out your skills again. If you get onto the roads please stay safe. Always wear a helmet. This is more true than ever for your little ones. Children’s heads are still growing and the bones are softer than an adult head so the skull provides less protection for their brains. Please make sure they wear their helmets to prevent serious injury if they fall off.

The council run some great courses which are FREE if you live, work or study in Wandsworth, you can find them here. We are cycling friendly at ESS. There are bike racks next to the all important buggy park outside and you might notice in the reception room we’ve added some cycling magazines AND, by popular demand, more men’s health magazines. So we cater for all the men in lycra out there. We can also do medical forms for those who need them in order to take part in these major events (for a small non NHS fee).

The great thing is the more people that take to a bike mean the more chance a driver knows a cyclist. Let us hope that drivers start watching out more for cyclists thinking it could be one of their loved ones. 

I’ll be back out their cheering some of the St George’s doctors on as they participate in the Ride London this coming Sunday August 2nd. Let’s hope the weather holds. 

Dr Q