This is one for the ladies. Do you remember to take your contraceptive pill every day? Did you know that there are longer acting contraceptives out there? A contraceptive coil or implant might be a good choice for you. Both Dr Kandasamy and Dr Russell fit and remove coils, and Dr Russell fits and removes implants too.

The implant is the size of a matchstick and fits under the skin in the upper arm. It cannot be seen and it lasts for three years as contraception that is over 99% effective. Of course, it can be removed sooner at your request. Over the three years it releases a small amount of the hormone progesterone, which works to prevent a pregnancy. Once it is removed your fertility will return to normal within three days. Another advantage is that it is very safe and can often be used in women that have other medical problems where other methods of contraception such as the pill would not be safe. One disadvantage is that it is difficult to predict what might happen to your periods. Periods may stop, may continue or you may get some irregular bleeding. Unfortunately it is difficult to predict which category you will fit into until it is given a try.

The contraceptive coil is also over 99% effective and involves a small procedure to fit the small t-shaped device into your womb. There are two types of coil. One is the IUD (copper coil, and hormone-free), however the main disadvantage of this is that it can make periods slightly heavier and last one to two days longer than usual. The other type of coil is the IUS and this has a small amount of progesterone hormone on it that acts on the lining of the womb. In contrast to the copper coil this makes periods lighter, less painful and 90% of women at one year of using the IUS have no periods at all. The contraceptive coil lasts for either five or ten years depending on which one you opt for. Coils are also very safe to use as contraception and can be used in people with other medical problems.

If you would like more information on any methods of contraception visit Alternatively, come and discuss it with the practice nurse or a doctor.

If you would like a coil or implant fitted or removed please contact reception.

Dr R

Dr R is one of the new GP’s at our surgery.